Quality and harmony reign here. The perfectly restored period furniture provides a charm and romanticism of yesteryear, the warm colours of the fabrics and the decoration a note of gaiety. Bedroom Vianne, king size bed. Bedroom Chaveta, twin beds separated or not.

Bedroom Vianne

Family furniture, the lavender-scented Louis-XIV wardrobe seems to have come down through the ages undamaged, and the Louis-XIII armchair invitingly extends its majestic arms.


The double French windows open on to a large rose bed, close to the pond where the grey heron comes to catch crayfish.

Bedroom Chaveta

An invitation to daydream… Sparkling coloured souvenirs from faraway countries, the tapestry of a Guatemalan Indian woman, the naive painting of a Mexican artist, and the Rajasthan miniature.

And through the window, the shadow of the imposing fig tree that dances in the breeze coming off the hills.